fit, fold, and finish 
Michael Milano




February 20 - March 22
Opening Reception: Friday, February 20 6PM-9PM


Jeff M. Ward

Your Immanence: Thoughts on the Artwork of Michael Milano on the Occasion of the Exhibition fit, fold, and finish at Fernwey Gallery

... Agnostic to resolution, Milano’s techniques favor processes that are reversible, things that can be undone, such as forgiving fabrics and minimal fastenings. When unable to retreat, he’ll advance assiduously through all possible juxtapositions of form, for example: drawing out all the design possibilities for a set of triangles within a defined space. These processes suggest study and analysis, and the resulting objects can be seen as collections of data or archivally preserved specimens. Each individual artwork, however prepossessing, points, in part, away from itself towards a larger research activity. One imagines that his latest works were made in a similar fashion, with much investigation and exploration of possible shapes, layers, and folds. Distilled for presentation, however, Milano highlights aesthetic subtleties in a more directed fashion. It is a move that I think could be seen in the artist’s thinking before it is visible in his craft ... Read the Full Essay Here


Michael Milano in Collaboration with Fernwey Editions