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Arianna Petrich
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Opening Reception Friday, March 4. 7PM-10PM.


What can and doesn't have to be
Amanda L. S. DeGidio

...Culture is a kind of optical interference.  It’s the lens that filters our experiences and dimensions of understanding.  The instability of experience or inconsistency of perceived realities is hard to conceptualize, since perception is almost immeasurable.  Both light and color are things that delineate perception, and they exist as symbiotic phenomena. Color is either a pigment or microscopic structural pattern, which can only be seen by interaction with light.  Pigment is the existence of a chemical that light either absorbs or reflects. The green we see in plants comes from chlorophyll, which absorbs red and blue light, reflecting green back to our eyes.  While the color of a Blue Morpho butterfly comes from nano-meter (one-billionth of a meter) size structural patterns in their wings, which reflects light that appears to be iridescent blue.  Light is by definition energy- it is both a particle and a wave, and the physical world around us cannot exist without the interaction of light to create shape and form through our vision...

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Overtones, 2016


15" x 11"
varied edition of 12