Kristina Paabus
Even If

May 15 - June 14
Opening Reception: May 15. 6pm - 9pm


Lauren Fulton
Data Mining: Kristina Paabus Mapping the Game

...In the gray area between illusion and reality, Paabus creates what I will call liminal mappings, abstractions studying relationships of causality. In these spatial explorations fractures, accumulations, and dualities complicate the logical grid that they interact with, whether in prints, sculptures, or installations. An ideal conclusion is usually embedded within the game model, with various strategies steering players in the interest of gaining control, or ultimately, victory. Her information heavy, multilayered approach to printmaking illuminates the fact that there are often no right or wrong means for arriving at that end point – in a game, or in life. To quote the artist, “these spaces of actuality, memory, imagination, and paradox describe the nuances of our experiences.”2 Elements of chance, luck, and superstition obfuscate any clear-cut path... Read the Full Essay Here