Alexander Valentine

VAST Thirst (`\_(“/)_/`) PROGRAM*

Beyond objects and orientations
we would hover ourselves. 

Click first on the one button, 
then on the other, but always
for the same application.

We recharge ourselves on both sides. 

Visualize new screen textures! 
Eradicate fake polish & false reflection.

Picture interfaces as facades. 
Wipe them clean.

Creatively distort the toolbars
of our future images.  

Break free from
repetitive refreshments.

Our focus is trapped
in our distraction
is trapped in
our focus.

Their "cosmic baby powder" is our
skeuomorphic adderall. 

We remove the eyes
dust gets in.

We spin the spinning
beach balls of your mind.

We embed their personas into
your profiles .

We plant each pixel in
the unfriended forest.


*VAST Thirst plays off of the Vorticist Manifesto of 1914 published in London by
Wyndham Lewis in the first issue of BLAST. It appears in an expanded version in Graphic
Arts Future, editors Nadine Nakanishi & Nick Butcher, 2015

Alexander Valentine Algorithm Gerbil (Blue) Photo credit:  Evan Jenkins

Alexander Valentine
Algorithm Gerbil (Blue)
Photo credit: Evan Jenkins